The Invitation

A whisper, a gentle nudge, a challenge to rise up, an invitation to a new day and a new way of thinking…that’s how Waking to Glory was born. Of course I had no idea sitting so comfortably and unassuming in my red fuzzy bathrobe that chilly February morning what my, “Yes, ok, God. I accept your challenge,” really entailed or where He was leading me.

Just the day before I lay in bed. It was the morning of my 42nd birthday. I did something risky and uncommon for me, I snapped a selfie. I wasn’t accustomed to such heroism or brazen defiance to the voices of self-doubt when the topic surrounded my appearance. Yet somehow, posting a picture sans make-up and newly awoken from a night of tossing and turning on my drool slathered pillow felt strangely freeing.

Ross Family

Time To Stop Hiding

I had a history of posting encouraging words to my Facebook family and friends over the years, coupled with a photo depicting the sentiment as best I could find through a google search. Sharing vulnerable places from my inner thoughts never seemed difficult, but allowing people to see me with my outer shell resembling the same heart of vulnerability and rawness crossed a line of transparency I seldom stepped over. Something in the air that birthday stirred me to dare, to brave, to stop hiding, and live free. Then with a click and post, I did. I took a picture before even sitting up from bed, and in so doing I told God, self-doubt, the enemy, and the world that this year was marked for a destiny of greater freedom and embracing all of me with the same love God extends towards me.

The following morning found me sitting comfortable and safe in my bathrobe during a rare quiet moment. I had just finished reading through my Bible and talking with God about what I had studied. Adventure and risk was the last thing on my mind. However, I was so encouraged by the time I just spent with God I wanted to share the experience with loved ones.

Travis and JennetteProvoked By Love

Out came my phone with full intent of posting an inspiring little ditty about the sweet revelation Holy Spirit walked me through moments ago. The lengthy and wordy post would soon rest nicely next to a picture aimed to catch the viewers eye and help them visualize some of what I would attempt to describe. So I thought.

God however, had something else up His sleeve. Suddenly, a thought popped in my head, “Instead of writing, how about making a video of what I put on your heart?” Every argument of why I am not suitable for such things quickly flooded my mind. I found myself arguing and protesting with God, feeling confident He over-looked some things.

“God, I’m not photogenic enough, my voice is annoying, I can’t formulate my thoughts and talk without stumbling over my words for even two minutes, I can’t teach…Don’t you have to have a really outgoing and bubbly personality to teach?” I started to think of all the friends I have that are fantastic story-tellers and charismatic. People are drawn to them when they speak up. God knew I was an introvert by nature, so there was no way I could possibly record myself encouraging people. Every one would be bored out of their minds!

When I thought the matter was settled, I heard Him one last time. “Jennette, when are you going to start living like you believe me?”

I knew what He meant instantly. In the fall I signed up for a class at church. We were going through Graham Cooke’s Prophetic Wisdom book. The class helped grow my understanding of how to process personal promises God speaks to our hearts that take time to bear fruit.

I already recognized areas where promises were spoken over me by God that my heart was open and prepared to receive. In every case, I experienced the fulfillment of God’s words taking root in my life. I tangibly walked into each of the destiny words God foretold, and I saw the manifestation of each promise come to fruition.

Ross FamilyPromises, Promises

On this February morning, wrapped in my fuzzy robe, God gently began to reveal a promise He spoke repeatedly over my life that my heart had been closed off to. I had shut down and dismissed every thought brought to mind, every prophetic declaration communicated by God through another’s voice, and every prophetic dream delivered in the night watches to my spirit.

God had been telling me for years in various avenues that He calls me a teacher and equipped me to share the good deposits He gives me with others. I didn’t see myself as a teacher, so I rejected that word. I chose to disagree. I convinced myself that I was not hearing Him, other people were not hearing Him, and the dreams were my own ideas, not His.

Now with cell phone armed and in hand, He invited me to finally believe Him, to believe in all of what He says I am, not just the parts that I was comfortable with. He reminded me of yesterday’s post that inspired so much freedom. Did I really mean it? Did I really want this year to marked with authenticity and vulnerability?

My heart screamed, “Yes, yes, yes!” Then, before I talked myself down off this beautiful ledge, I jumped. Six minutes and forty-two seconds later I posted my first video encouraging every heart needing to hear how God views progress, that had ears to hear. My heart was full.

Ross GirlsArise, Shine

In the months following I posted more and more videos, and found I enjoyed encouraging people in this fashion. Friends reached out with specific ministry and prayer needs, and something awoke in my spirit. A passion to help people encounter God burned in me with a renewed focus and vibrancy.

Soon Waking to Glory was born, along with all kinds of ideas of ways to continue encouraging God’s kids in their faith journey with Christ. I am convinced now more than ever of the vital importance in deepening our understanding of God and all His many amazing attributes. We open ourselves up to experience more of His goodness when we know what to look for.

Called To More

God searches the earth looking for son’s and daughters who know and trust Him. His heart longs for relationship with children brave enough to believe not only in Him, but what He believes about them too. This is the journey I am on…to believe.

I invite you to come with me. Let’s walk together, learning to trust more deeply, and moving with God from glory to more of His glory in our lives and on the earth.